Terms Of Service

Welcome to the most boring page on my website. This is where I tell you what you agree to by using my website. First of all, I must be protected and there are laws requiring that I do this as well as affiliate partners requiring that I do this. I really don’t want to be sued by you for buying a recommended service that caused you harm (NEVER KNOW) in some way so here it goes.

The use of my website or my products both free and paid you agree to be bound by these terms. You agree to hold yourself accountable and not me for recommending a product or service to you. You also agree that you understand that results are NOT typical and that my results and the results of my students may differ from your own. I don’t know if you are putting the necessary work in to make things happen so I cannot be responsible for your lack of success.

Wifiaffiliate.com is owned by Jon Smith.

I sell products and services and I also refer other products and services which may earn me a commission. It is safe to assume ALL LINKS ARE AFFILIATE LINKS.

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