Earnings Disclaimer

Unfortunately, we have to create this page as it is very important these days. To sum it up I am not responsible for anything…someone else did it 😉

Earnings Are Estimates, Not Guarantees!

I cannot possibly tell you how much you are going to make using my methods, principles, and tips. If I could, I would not be blogging here. I am not here to cheat people or make false claims. I just want to teach people what works for me and others who I have contact with.

Results Are Not Guaranteed

I do not and will not guarantee your results. Even if you see a thumbnail for a video saying guaranteed that does not mean I can guarantee you will get any sort of result. It is a CTR game, unfortunately. Testimonials used in marketing material are exceptional results from exceptional people who have put in so much effort to achieve the success they have.

Past Success May Not Occur Again

Past examples of results may not happen again. I cannot guarantee any future results.

Users Must Make An Effort

I am not liable for the success or lack there of from using my informational products. I don’t know what you are doing with it or how you are using it.

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