Jon Smith

Me in my studio after recording some video for my YouTube channel.

Jon & Daughter

My daughter and I on vacation in Destin, Florida.

About Wifi Affiliate – Jon Smith

Hey there! My name is Jon Smith and I own and operate many successful blogs. I hope that in time that this website will become just as successful.

I may be new to this type of content but I have a lot of knowledge and experience in the digital marketing industry and more specifically affiliate marketing and content marketing. I have been in the online space for over a decade now with a few short breaks here and there but one thing is always certain…I cannot quite get rid of this industry. It is for me 100% all the way.

One thing is certain I am very good at building websites that make money for me and I plan to continue to do this for a very long time.

My goal with this website is to teach others how to do what I do online and share my success. I share not to brag but to inspire you to accomplish what I have accomplished.

Thanks for checking out my about page. If you have any questions or want to collaborate feel free to reach out on my contact page.

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